Christmas Letter 2012

Happy holidays dear friends and family!
Another year has come and gone – this one faster than ever before!


First let me apologize for not sending out Christmas cards in 2011. There is really no excuse, although I’d like to say that I didn’t have time, or I didn’t have the motivation, or some other excuse. Bottom line is, I apologize. I always enjoy receiving YOUR cards and letters and believe me; I said a prayer for each one of you!

Thea and Jason are doing great. They celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary in July! It’s amazing how time just flies. We are so thankful to have Jason and his family in our lives. Jason has a big family and we are frequently invited to their get-togethers. It’s always fun to see everyone and get updated on things that are happening in their lives. And the food, the food!! Everyone on his side is a fabulous cook and we never go home hungry, that’s for sure!!

Our grandson, Andrew, turned 4 on Thanksgiving Day! He brings us so much joy. He has become a loving, sweet little human being and fills my heart with love whenever I see him. He’s in preschool now and his first parent/teacher conference revealed that he is just as smart and sweet in class as he is at home.

In October 2011, Andrew and his parents (and his grandparents) welcomed a baby sister, Lauren Elizabeth, to the family. She is Andrew’s favorite toy :-D and now that she has turned 1, he’s learning how to share with his sister. Lauren is a beautiful baby with big, doe eyes that just melt your heart. She has the same sweet personality that her brother has, but takes the world a little more seriously than her brother. That just means it’s more of a CHALLENGE to make her giggle and believe me, the extra work is so worth it!! She is learning sign language just as Andrew did. It’s so exciting to see their little minds learning and their dexterity developing. She’ll be walking before we know it!

Thea is still playing in the Tempe Symphony Orchestra. We babysit at their house on Monday nights while she goes to rehearsal and Jason is at work. The kids are just so much fun it’s hard to put them to bed on time! My favorite time with Lauren is when she is really tired and snuggly and I get to rock with her until her bedtime. My favorite time with Andrew is playing Legos and make-believe after Lauren goes to bed – or maybe it’s reading/telling him a bedtime story while lying in his bed with him – or maybe I just can’t pick ONE favorite thing with that boy!

The furbabies are all doing great, although during 2011, at 15 years old, Sheba went to the Rainbow Bridge. She was extra special to Tom and it was hard to admit it was time to let her go. The last few years she struggled with Irritable Bowel Disease and would sometimes go days without eating. But she’d keep getting over it, so we kept working with her. Eventually, even though she was eating, she was just wasting away and we knew it was time.

We began working with the Silky Terrier Rescue group last year and wound up keeping one of the rescues. His name is Sammy and he is a VERY playful, loving 3 year old Silky. With a lot of love and trust building he has become a member of the pack and loves to play with Jake. We did some camping with the three of them in the trailer this year and they travel well. Ruby and I also took some “girls only” road trips to dog shows this year while Tom worked. Ruby is a wonderful ambassador for the breed and it was fun supporting our “Show Dog” friends. We had a blast!  

I’ve got a new job since our last letter. A former colleague and I started our own Professional Employer Organization (PEO) in May 2011 and I am its Chief Financial Officer. We have handpicked a fantastic crew of God-loving, honest, hardworking people that we know from our previous PEO lives, allowing us to create a work environment that is fun and rewarding. Sales have been a little slow this year, but we feel that now that the election is behind us things will start breaking loose. We have several new clients cued up for January. Please keep us in your prayers!

Tom still loves his job with GHD. His boss is always patient and has really taken Tom under his wing to teach him. He also works with a great team of seasoned operators that have taught him a lot. He feels valued and appreciated at GHD, something that he hasn’t felt at work in a long time. The company even bought him a new truck this year, a gorgeous 4-door Toyota Tacoma and it makes his time on the road much more comfortable. He now has Grade 2 Operator Certifications in Water Treatment, Water Distribution, and Wastewater Treatment and is currently studying for his Grade 3 exam in Water Treatment. Grade 4 is the highest certification you can get, so he’s getting there! 

I guess that’s about all for us this year! We hope and pray that 2013 is a fantastic year for you! Stay healthy, stay happy, and may God bless each and every one of you!

     Love, Robin & Tom