Christmas Letter 2007

Wow – another year has gone by. And we still have soldiers away from their families – let’s keep them and their families in our prayers and pray they get sent home soon.

This has been an exciting year for our family! If you recall, last year we mentioned that Thea and Jason were engaged. They tied the knot on July 7th in a beautiful ceremony that was both a tearjerker and a blast! My best friend Jan took the kids house hunting and with the unused portion of their “wedding money” they were able to buy a house. They closed on the day before their wedding and have been renovating the house ever since! They have done a great job and the house is really looking nice. I know that they love coming home to their own home every night and their “pride of ownership” shows in everything they do. We also found out in September that Thea & Jason are expecting! Her due date is May 29th, which is just a few days after she finishes teaching for the school year. Then she’ll have the summer to take care of the baby.  Jason will be back on the day shift then, so they’ll get to see one another all the time. This will be the first grandbaby on both sides and the grandparents are anxious to welcome the new baby, as you can imagine!

Tom and I did some traveling this year. My dad drives his RV to upstate NY each year to visit my brother, Carl, and his family. This year, Carl’s son Matthew flew down and made the drive from AZ to NY with his grandpa. They both had a great time. My dad took a tumble while he was in NY and wound up in the hospital for a few days after they discovered that he had pneumonia as well as a couple of broken ribs. His doctor recommended that he fly home rather than drive the RV, so Tom and I took a red-eye flight to NY on a Friday night, visited with Carl and his family, my cousin Bobby and his wife, and then drove the RV home in five days. Phew! We got to see the country for sure, but I would recommend a slower pace to anyone interested in taking the trip! It was great seeing my brother and his family. My sister-in-law is a great hostess (and a great cook) and we couldn’t have had it any better. I haven’t been up there since their oldest son was a newborn, so it was great fun getting to know the boys and driving around to see the beautiful trees changing colors.

Nothing has changed job-wise for either of us – which is good. We both love our jobs and feel stable and happy where we are at. We work right down the street from one another, so we carpool every day. We are both grateful for our jobs and the people that make them possible.

I have been working on the CPA exam this year, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! I have taken three of the four sections, passed two of them and am waiting to hear on the third. That’s part of the reason why my cards are so late this year, I wanted to be able to say that I passed THREE sections, but that’s okay. By this time next year, hopefully I will have my CPA license and I can get on with my life! We haven’t had the RV out all year and I’m dying to go!!

Well, let’s see, I think I covered it all – wedding; house; baby; trip to NY; jobs; healthy and happy; oh, the dogs!; Sheba & Kodi are doing just fine and are as cute as ever! 

We hope this is a very special year for all of you! Stay healthy, stay happy, and may God bless each and every one of you!