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If you're looking for the Robin McEntire that worked for Domino's, MD Labs, DHR, AHELA or Integrity Outsource - you've found me!

For a long, long time I've wanted to build a website that would allow me to post pictures of our family - especially the old black & whites - well, this is it! You can view pictures of the fam by clicking on the Family Pictures hyperlink. The page is broken down by generation and contains some cool pictures of my great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, siblings, neices and nephews, us and our daughter at various stages of their lives. Thea and Jason's wedding and family pictures are there also, including their son, Andrew and their daughter, Lauren. It also includes a section that contains some pictures of our Pets and Jason & Thea's Pets. Some of the pictures have links to the original, larger version of the photo - if you hover the mouse pointer over the picture and you get a message, then you can click and see the larger picture.

Since graduation I've rekindled a long-forgotten hobby - photography! It seems to be the main reason for many of our vacations lately. Click on the Adventures page to see them. To view my other pictures, just click on the link to my Ducks & Other Critters page, Scenery page, or Flora page. They get updated occasionally, so if you like what you see keep checking my site for new stuff!

I have compiled some of our favorite family recipes (slightly worked over). We no longer prepare red meat in our household, so I've converted many of the family recipes to use chicken or ground turkey instead. They taste great! I hope you enjoy them. You can find our yummy recipes on the Family Recipes page.

Other family members and friends have created interesting websites too. You can find links to those and other great sites on the Interesting Links page.

If you have comments or questions about my website, please do not hesitate to Contact Me. All constructive comments are welcome.

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Trips and Events

12-18-12 Our 2012 Christmas letter is out! Click here.

02-14-11 Robin went to New York City for the first time in her life - with a group of GIRLS! That's right - no boys allowed. AND she went to the 135th Westminster Dog Show. Click here to see what she saw.

01-01-11 Our 2010 Christmas letter is out! Click here.

07-16-10 Robin and Tom took a drive to Eagle, Colorado to see some friends compete in the Roaring Fork KC Dog Show. Click here to see the pictures.

06-01-10 Palo Verde Photo goes live! Click here to see what this is all about.

03-01-10 Guestbook added to my home page, please sign it!

02-20-10 Robin had success with a food experiment this weekend. Click here to see the recipe.

02-20-10 Tom and Robin went to the Wildlife World Zoo with Andrew, his parents, and his other Grandparents. Click here to see the photos.

11-22-09 Andrew's first birthday party pictures are posted! Click here.

12-15-09 Our annual Christmas letter is out! Click here.

09-27-09 Andrew's page is updated! Click here .

09-27-09 A new Adventures page is available! Click here .

08-31-09 Puppy cam is on-line! Click here .

03-06-09 New yummy recipes added! Click here .

12-07-08 Our annual Christmas letter is out! Click here.

11-22-08 Andrew is born! Click here to see pictures of this adorable baby boy!

10-18-08 Thea and Jason are expecting the first grandchild (grandSON) for both sets of grandparents - YAY! Click here to see photos from the baby shower.

10-08-08 For Tom's birthday 2008 (he turned 50!) he decided he wanted to see Monument Valley. What a beautiful place. The weather turned rather blustery and some of our pictures show a lot of haze in the valley. It was STILL gorgeous! To see photos and movie clips from this trip, Click here.

12-07-07 Our annual Christmas letter is out! Click here.

10-07-07 My Dad got sick while in NY visiting my brother. Tom and I flew up to drive his RV, Jeep and his dog, Boots home. To see our pictures from this whirlwind trip, click here.

07-07-07 Thea and Jason tied the knot today! It was a beautiful ceremony with delicious food and awesome company. Click here to see photos from this wonderful event.

10-07-06 For Tom's birthday we decided to go to Page, Lake Powell, and the north rim of the Grand Canyon. What a gorgeous trip! Click here to see the photos from this trip.

06-27-06 After 17 years in the same house, we bought another one just like it and remodeled it (we needed a larger lot for the RV, you see). Click here for before and after pictures.

02-26-06 ****FINALLY**** New Pictures

12-25-05 We bought a travel trailer and spent Christmas 2005 in New Mexico. To see photos from this trip, click HERE .

05-14-05 Our daughter graduates from Northern Arizona University with degrees in Music Education, Music Performance, and a minor in Philosophy. Click here to see photos from this event!

12-12-02 After twelve years of higher education, I finally graduated! On December 20, 2002 I graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Accountancy - with honors, no less! To view the pictures from this joyous event, click on the hyperlink to Robin's Graduation.

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