Ducks and Other Wild Critters

During the early days of my photography, I was experimenting with an old (circa 1982) Minolta SLR camera with a zoom lens on it. Some of the pictures were taken with a 2x converter as well as the zoom lens on the camera - the range was great, but the pictures were really grainy and didn't scan very well. I apologize for those, but I did say "experimenting". In 2009, I invested in a Canon 5D Mark II, a Canon 400mm zoom lens and a Canon 2x converter. My pictures are getting better, but I have a lot to learn yet! Click here to see a cute cartoon that a friend of mine gave me. He said it reminded him of me!

Click on a category below and thumbnail-sized pictures will appear. Click on the thumbnail and the larger version will pop up. To return to the previous page, just click on the image (practice here on some critter pictures).


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